Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My Top 5 Reasons Why FOREX Trading Will Give You Freedom and Liberty in Life

In my entire 27 years of existence I’ve been looking for the best job that could fit with my personality and I finally found it. 
 In this post I want to talk about my top 5 reasons why FOREX TRADING is so liberating and rewarding.

You are the CEO/Owner of your own business

 The good thing about becoming a PROFITABLE FOREX TRADER is that you don’t have to follow anyone’s orders. You decide whatever you want cause you can do whatever you want. You don’t need to interact with other people to earn a living. You only need a decent laptop and a reliable internet connection and you’re good to go. In trading the FOREX MARKET I am treating it as if I have a business. The capital is my investment and I am the boss/manager/employee.  At the moment, I am still working in the corporate world that’s because this is my stepping stone for me to raise money for my desired capital.
It’s also the advice given by those who are already successful in this field. And that is to not quit your main job yet as long as you are already profitable and confident to do so. In my part, I have blown several accounts already and it gives me experience and understanding more about becoming a successful forex trader.

Because of that, a tip that I could give to aspiring new traders would be to always, always be in a defensive approach in trading. What I mean by that is to always preserve your capital and don’t do over trade. Because sometimes this very obvious trade appears right in your face in the market but the problem is that you cant take the trade cause you have blown your account and will missed the opportunity. Literally happens to me! If I could go back to my early trading days I would definitely tell myself to go slow in my trades and be on the defensive always.

You have all the time in the world to do whatever you want.

The FOREX MARKET is open 24 hours Mondays to Fridays. Only closes during declared holidays and weekends. When you already have your trades running you can do other things. 

Actually, this is the reason why I created this YouTube Channel about my forex trading strategy and why I created this blog. I have my vacation now and I got bored trading, that’s when I had this idea why not I make a blog and a youtube channel about forex. I totally understand why there are a lot of successful forex traders out there that choose to share also their own opinions online. Perhaps they’ve got no other things to do because you will literally have all the time in the world if you go full time. So your spare time should be filled with whatever you want.

 Also, in forex trading you get to decide whatever time frame you want to trade in. Like in the 1 hr, 4 hr or daily time frame, totally up to you. In my case I only trade the 4 hr time frame; this gives me a lot of spare time in between.  And once my trade is up and running, I close my platform and the charts to avoid being emotional and just checked it again every 4 hours or so.

No matter where you live, color of skin, or whatever you maybe as long as you are eligible to open an account, forex trading has equal opportunities to all.

Personally, I was born in a place regarded as a third world country. I’ve always hear a lot of peoples says that they were born in the wrong side of the world. Where in the opportunity is scarce and survival of the fittest exists. Luckily, trading the financial market is open to all people. This gives us the right to participate in this kind of endeavor which I think is really really liberating and fulfilling.  Another thing is that you don’t need any diploma, educational background or high IQ. Actually, you don’t need to be smart trading the financial market. What I believe the qualities that are needed to become successful in this field is discipline and self-control. If you happened to be a college dropout or an ex-convict still the financial market will not judge you, instead will gladly accept you with open arms and open legs.

Forex trading is the only career that I know that gives you unlimited free trial to practice.

Creating a demo account gives you a chance to do the virtual trading. Buying and selling in the market using virtual money gives you the opportunity to see and understand how the market works. If you are not yet profitable in you virtual trading, what gives you the idea that you’ll gonna be profitable once you go live and used real money to trade?

Trading using demo accounts can help you back test the strategy that you are going to use. It will give one ideas on what work and doesn’t work in the market. It’s like being a pilot flying a plane using simulations and not feel afraid of crashing the plane because it’s not the real thing. 

They say practice makes perfect, but nobody’s perfect. So why practice? Well in trading the financial market, all I can say is that traders who practiced trade first using demo account have bigger chance of becoming successful than those who directly traded with real money. I assure you, you will blow an account or two before you can be a successful one.

Very Rewarding if mastered and the sky is the limit $$$

Let’s not be hypocrites here. A lot of people say that money is the root of all evil; well I would say to them that the love of money is the root of all evil. A lot of people say that money can’t buy happiness; well I would say to them that money affects the lives of those people who make us happy.  Money makes the world go round. I believe it’s not wrong to dream of richness and being wealthy. When our creator created us, He gave us free will that’s why He would not deprive us with the abundant life that we wanted.  

I believe  forex trading or trading any other financial market is rewarding because once you have your strategy that you’ve been back testing for so many times and so far gave you positive outcome in a year of testing. All that’s left now is to just strictly follow that strategy and keep on using repeatedly. You just need to be disciplined about it and only trade when your desired set up shows up. Time will eventually come when trading to you will be just like driving a car. First time driving would be very difficult; you need to have this awareness on all sides of the car. But along the way, all would become automatic thanks to your subconscious mind. 

Forex trading is the biggest casino in the world. In my opinion it’s the game of the wealthy people to become wealthier. Imagine if you have a large amount of capital, you only need to earn 10 pips or so to profit such huge amount of money from it.

All of these are just my opinion, whether you agree or not is all up to you. 

After all, we are all prisoners of our own truths.

Best of luck to you my friend! See you again sooner or later.


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